Quick Answer: How Do I Backup My ITunes To An External Hard Drive?

How do I backup my iTunes library to an external hard drive?

After you consolidate your media files, you can back up your library and media files to an external drive.Quit iTunes.Find your iTunes folder.Right-click on your iTunes folder, then choose Copy.Go to your external hard drive, then right-click and choose Paste..

How do I backup my music library to an external hard drive?

Music backup option number 1. External hard driveGo to your iTunes Preferences.Choose “Advanced”.Put the tick in “Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library” section (this will ensure that the copy of your file is saved as a backup).Save it by clicking “Ok”.Choose “File” and then go to the “Library”.More items…

How do I backup on an external hard drive?

Backing up files manually To back up a file or folder, connect the external hard drive to your computer, then simply click and drag the desired items to the external drive. A copy will now exist on both the computer and the external drive.

How do I download my entire iTunes library?

While there’s no immediate way to download all of your songs at once, you can download either the individual songs, albums or playlists. You’ll be able to save time by downloading an artist’s list of songs from your Library, rather than tapping on the individual songs themselves.

Can I have my iTunes library on two computers?

Up to five of your devices can tap into your iTunes library either directly on a network drive, through a special app, or via a feature called Home Sharing. Through Home Sharing, you can share your iTunes music library from one machine and make it accessible to other devices as long as they’re all on the same network.