Question: How Many Mocks Do You Do In Year 11?

Do Year 10 mocks matter?

Seriously year 10 mocks don’t matter, don’t stress over it.

Year 10 don’t tell you anything about how you’re going to preform during GCSEs.

It seems like you care, you’ll be fine if you revise at around Easter for GCSEs.

When the time comes, pick up a CGP Maths book..

Should I revise for GCSE in Year 10?

You really should start revising two or even three months before your GCSE exams – so ideally around the 10th of March. However, I reckon you can just about get away with a single month of revision. This compact revision would have to be extremely intense, and would tire you out for your GCSE exams.

How much should I revise for mocks?

This 2–3 month window should give you enough time to cover all your revision for mocks. Secondly, assuming that your mocks are solely written exams, you must figure out exam techniques for each of your subjects and ensure to look over your notes.

What if I fail my mocks?

Failing your mocks won’t amount to much. The mocks are just to show you what you need to work on to then eventually get the best grade you can in your final GCSE exams. If you do fail, don’t worry too much about it because it won’t go towards anything in your future.

Is 2 Months enough to revise for A levels?

I would advise others to start revising around the same time I do – about a month in advance – because then you aren’t going to forget things you revised early on like you may do if you revise, say, two months in advance.

Is it better to revise one subject a day?

Do revise more than one subject a day – Split your time between two or three subjects every day, too much focus on one subject will tire you out.

Do your GCSEs really matter?

We never say this, but GCSEs don’t matter nearly as much as we make out. You probably need your pass in maths and English, but you can retake. … If you’re that academic, A-level grades and then your degree will quickly supersede GCSEs. Just do your best – really your best.

Do mocks really matter?

Mock Exams are irrelevant.. Most students forget that there is a tremendous amount of time between Mock Exams and the real exams. There is still time to improve. Likewise, however, if you don’t make use of the time between Mocks and the real exams, you might see your results turn on you unfavorably.

Do Year 11 mocks matter?

The mock isn’t really considered once you have passed the actual exam, but until that point it is very important to you, so you need to take it seriously and revise for it like any other exam.

How much should you revise in year 11?

GCSE students (year 10 or 11) = 1.5 hours per subject per week. E.g. if they’re studying 10 subjects this will be 15 hours per week. A Level students (years 12 and 13) = 4-6 hours per subject per week.

Do mocks count for anything?

Even though your mock results don’t count towards your final grades, they often serve as your predicted grades, which are particularly important if you’re in years 11 or 12.

Are mocks harder than GCSE?

I found mocks harder than the actual GCSEs in all my subjects except English Language. … I improved almost every single one of my subjects by one grade from mocks to actual GCSEs. A few by 2 or 3, too. The difficulty of mocks, the marking, and your grade boundaries will depend on your school though.